Cryptic D&D - Season 2

Session 6 6/20/14
Gotta GTFO Calimport!
The Not So Clean Getaway (Cont.)
  • While fleeing, Davros decides to lacerate an unsuspecting nearby woman. He then pretends to act as a care-giver for said woman in order throw off the Pasha’s guards that are still in pursuit.
  • Broxigar and Bibble return to Calimport and arrive just in time to witness the commotion going on. They are able to reunite with their party shortly afterwards.
  • The party decides to take off their bloodied robes and all besides Toski, Tori and Drah make for docks.
  • Toski , Tori and Drah retrieve some items from the inn and meet up with the rest of the companions at the docks.
  • The companions decide to wash the blood off their robes in the nearby ocean.
No Mo Cho
  • Once reunited, the companions search the docs only to find that Cho and crew have left while still in possession of Orion’s wardogs.
  • Davros reveails the Ruby hidden in his leg to the group. Davros somewhat unwillingly decides to hand over the Ruby.
  • With no where to go the companions head back into Calimport and rest in an ally way.
Let’s go north, it’s as good as any direction!
  • After a quiet night in the allyways of Calimport. The companions decide to look for work and way out of the city.
  • The Companions find a work as bodyguards of a caravan heading to Memnon.
  • Damoth the caravan leader, introduces the companions to a human druid named Nocte and his animal friend Prima.
  • During the second evening of their 10 day trip to Memnon, the companions face a swarm of tiny monsterous scorpions.
  • Mighty Davros falls unconscious during the battle with the scorpions, but the companions were able to overcome the attack. Broxigar was able to revive Davros after the battle.
  • Before the companions could get any rest, they were yet again ambushed by Earth Elementals.
  • Barely escaping the encounter with their lives and Davros who is yet again unconscious. The companions rest for the night.
Session 5 6/6/14
Desert Days & Calimport Nights

In Calimport the group finds themselves searching for a valuable artifact, and must ask for the help of the world’s deadliest assassin to continue their quest to help the Companions of the Hall.

On the Streets Again

  • Once in Calimport Broxigar is greeted by a messenger from Broxigar’s order, asking him to accompany them to identify a suspect they have in custody.
  • Bibble Bop again resigns himself to be his friend’s bodyguard and follows Broxigar.
  • Meanwhile, Tusky leaves the party to find a local book binder/publisher that is supposed to be in the city.
  • The party decides to stay at a local inn while they search the city, on their way they meet Drah Koheim, a mage making his living on the streets.
  • Drah quickly takes to the party and agrees to help them find their way around Calimport.
  • The party sets up at an inn for the night and the ladies go for a relaxing night at a local “massage” parlor.
  • Drah gets word on the street that the whereabouts of the amulet are known by the master assassin Artemis Entreri.
  • The party goes back to the ship to get the dogs as Drah leads them outside the city to tell them this news.

Enter: Entreri

  • The group does a bit of searching in the city and Gabrielle is told to ask for Dwahvel Tiggerwillies in the alley behind the Halfling gambling hall, the Copper Ante.
  • Gabrielle is lead into a secret passage and meets with a mysterious woman in the shadows in a back room of the Copper Ante, asking why they seek Entreri.
  • Gabrielle is told to return to that very alley with all of those wishing to seek Entreri, and to tell the truth during the encounter.
  • Gabrielle meets back with the group who were playing lookout at the gambling hall, and one of the staff asks if they would like a more private room for their discussion.
  • In the room Gabrielle informs the party of her encounter and they plan to wait at the Ante until the designated meeting time.
  • When the time comes they head to the alley, and are shocked when Artemis Entreri melts from the shadows amidst their very group.
  • The party truthfully speaks to Entreri who agrees to give them the whereabouts of the gem, if they in turn will owe him a favor as well as relay any information to them in regards to the status of Drizzt Do’urden.
  • The party reluctantly agrees and after giving them the information they seek on the gem, Entreri is gone in the blink of an eye.

Rumors and Hersey

  • The party does a little research on Entreri, and Pasha Apep, the man Entreri sold the artifact to for safe keeping.
  • Orion and Davros find Cho on his ship and ask him about Artemis Entreri, Cho is terrified and angry that the group would even mention his name.
  • The group learns that Pasha Apep is having a party in honor of his daughter in a few days’ time.
  • The party devises a plan to sneak in, convincing Cho to get them in with his invitation by paying him off.
  • As the party continues to find out al they can about Pasha Apep, they learn that his Daughter Anahita is the source of many rumors.
  • Anahita is missing her tongue, and the rumors vary from bandits, to her own father being the culprit.
  • They find that she is heavily guarded by a group of mercenaries from the group the Sons of Sethos, and has a personal bodyguard that is an ex Amlakkar named Teivel.
  • As the group prepares their disguises on the ship they realize they do not have the funds to pay Cho what they promised.
  • After a large debate Cho agrees to sell them his invitation for 1000 gold, half of the original cost they agreed upon for him to get them into the party, with the stipulation that he would not go with them.

The Best Laid Plans

  • Once at the party the group realize that their plans will not work as the amulet with the gem is being worn by Anahita, who makes an appearance on a balcony overlooking the main hall, but does not come down to mingle.
  • The group swiftly creates a diversion making it look like one of the guests has been attacked by the staff.
  • Davros assists with the “wounded” patron while the group slips into one of the back rooms in search of Anahita.
  • The party quickly finds the Posha’s Daugther’s room and are greeted by her personal entourage.

The Life of the Party

  • As the commotion in the main hall continues to escalate Davros finds his opportunity to slip into the back and seek out his companions.
  • Teivel drags Anahita into a back room of her sleeping quarters while the party faces off against the Sons of Sethos.
  • After easily dispatching the Sons, the group takes on Teivel and overcome him.
  • They retrieve the amulet from Anahita and hide it in Davros’ peg leg.
  • Upon their retreat they are faced with a large brutish guard who engages them on the stairway.

*After defeating the guard, the troupe scrambles to find the exit, every door and each turn is blocked with heavily armed and armored guards.

The Not So Clean Getaway

  • As the group is funneled into various exit strategies, they buy themselves some time and make it to the courtyard; there they are confronted by more guards and Pasha Apep himself.
  • After telling them that their assaults on his house will gain him far more influence and sympathy than any party could the group are attacked by his guards.
  • Before the first blows of battle are thrown, Pasha Apep drops dead.
  • From behind his fallen body, the group and the guards see Artemis Entreri holding a bloody dagger.
  • Entreri motions for the group to leave and is gone into the shadows as abruptly as he appeared.
  • The group leave the compound and mingle in with the rest of the crowd and guests outside the gates.
Session 4 4/25/14
The City Of Splendors

The group tries to go unnoticed in Waterdeep, and must figure out a way to secure travel to Calimport, all while trying to not raise the ire of every major power in the city…

Picking up the pieces

  • The group unfreezes to find they now possess a pair of large war dogs.
  • The party decides to return to the ship to regroup and come up with a plan.
  • Obnobo tells them that he cannot keep such large dogs aboard his ship and that repairs will take qhite some time.
  • The group splits up to cash their gold voucher and find room and board for themselves and the dogs.
  • They quickly find that Balanthas has spread the word to be cautious of the group, and prices for them in particular have been artificially inflated by those who would dare to do business with the group.
  • Orion, Davros, and Tusky head to the mage tower to find the house of coin.
  • Once there Davros and Orion meet with Janarius Piortie Morgain, who runs the house of coin.
  • The group opens up an account, to store their newfound wealth, finding it too much to carry with them at all times.
  • JP offers them a variety of plans to accommodate their gold storage and retrieval needs.
  • Orion and Davros decline the magic gold bag that will allow them to take and deposit gold from anywhere in the world.
  • The adventurers decide on a basic plan, allowing them to retrieve or deposit gold only at mage towers, located in select cities, or with mages who are able to transport gold to them, for a fee.
  • With their account established, the group meets up with Tori, Gabrille, and Bibble Bop.
  • The group finds board for the dogs at a local stable in the middle of town.
  • Clem, the stable boy seems a little dimwitted, but happy to attend to the needs of the dogs.
  • The troupe secures lodgings for the night and begins looking for a ship to Calimport.

Enter: Cho

  • At the docks they meet a Charleus Murphay, who coincidentally is related to Addius.
  • Charleus regales them of tales of ships he has worked on, the Siren Song and the Cheppelle Sunrise.
  • When the group mentions the large war dogs, Charleus arranges a meeting with the only captain in port who would be able to accommodate the group.
  • That evening, as they prepare with their meeting of the ship captain, the group runs into Broxigar, who has just gotten into port, following the coattails of his friends.
  • After catching up, Broxigar explains that his order sent him to continue the journey and look for clues of the artifact in Calimport, as it is likely to have been sold or traded in the city’s notorious black market.
  • Charleus introduces the group to Captain Cho, renowned owner and operator of the Ray of Light.
  • Cho agrees to take the group and their dogs to Calimport, and says that the ship will be ready to leave by morning.
  • As Cho departs back to his vessel, the group gets ready for some much needed rest.

A Shorter Stay Than Expected

  • While the group retreats to their rooms they hear a great deal of commotion outside and decide to investigate.
  • The crowd leads the group to the stables where a distraught Clem tells them that the dogs have eaten Lord Ratcliffe’s prized steed that was in the stables while his personal stables were being renovated.
  • The group hurriedly gets Clem and the dogs away from the stables as Lord Ratcliffe and city guards show up.
  • Under the cover of night the group moves to the docks and Clem departs, slipping into the crowd.
  • At the docks they find the Ray of Light and ask Cho to begin their journey immediately.
  • Charleus objects as he is not aboard his proper ship and demands that if they depart Cho pay him.
  • Cho seems to be humored by the turn of events and they depart the City of Splendors, with Ratcliffe screaming at them from the docks while Cho belittles the nobleman from the aft of the departing ship.
Session 3 3/21/14
Sea Bound And Down

The band doesn’t have time to grieve their missing friend as a larger story unfolds and the fate of the region may be at stake…

For The Good Of All Goodly Folk

  • The party meets with Otique at the Clan of Measure’s hideout and Regis regales them with the story of his capture and the overtaking of Mitrhil Hall.
  • Regis begs the Clan of Measure and the adventurers to help him regain his lost ruby pendant that his captors took.
  • The Clan asks the party to continue onward to Calimport where they believe the ruby was likely taken.
  • Otique sends Gabrielle along with the party as an emissary of the Clan and because she is originally from the City of Thieves.
  • After agreeing the group returns to their room at the Last Dragon Inn to find Bibble Bop at the bar.
  • After getting information from Bibble Bop and getting him up to speed the crew decides to procure safe passage to Calimport by taking on as crewmen for a seafaring band headed there.
  • While at the bar, Davros Hawklight meets with the party, looking for Gabrielle, he explains that Otique sent him to keep an eye on Gabrielle, as she’s still a new member of the Clan.
  • Gabrielle confirms that she knows Davros and he joins the group, despite her dislike of the cleric.
  • The next day Davros introduces the party to Tusky, a gnome bard who has taken Davros as his muse and has decided to follow his adventures to write wondrous poetry about his exploits.
  • The party meets with the first mate of the Flying Salamandar, Addius Murphay, to barter their journey.
  • After an agreement is met, they meet with the ship’s captain, Obnobo Thane.

Sea Shanties

  • Day three of the journey pirates are spotted tailing the Flying Salamandar.
  • The flag is identified bearing the Yellow Griffin and Three Black Lighting Bolts of the Darkgriffins.
  • The ship follows them throughout the night and by the next day they are overrun.
  • As the Darkgriffins ready to board the ship, the crew hides, leaving the two gnomes aboard to make it look like easy pickings for the pirates.
  • As the Darkgriffins begin their attack the crew rushes out to surprise them and a battle ensues.
  • During the battle, one of the pirates takes the helm of the Flying Salamandar.
  • The captain of the Dargriffins appears, on board his ship and sinks an arrow into the crow’s nest where Bibble Bop is aiding the crew with his mastery of his gnomish bow.
  • Bibble Bop hears the arrow making a crackling noise and abandons his post above by jumping onto some of the pirates below.
  • The pirate captain follows by shooting his own crewmate at the helm with another arrow, killing her instantly.
  • As the tide of battle turns another arrow from the formidable pirate captain embeds itself into Davros’ leg.
  • One of the pirates creates a murky fog that entrenches the entirety of the Flying Salamandar’s deck, making it impossible to see.
  • The group finishes off the pirate crew and prepares to board the Darkgriffins’ vessel.
  • As they prepare to cross the boarding plank that the pirates laid forth, an explosion and loud crack is heard as the crow’s nest comes shattering down.
  • In the confusion the Pirates begin changing course, disengaging their ship with the Flying Salamander.
  • At the same time another boom is heard, the crew look to see the helm, wheel and all, blown asunder.
  • Finally realizing the disparity of their situation and the truth behind the captain’s arrows, the group realizes they must get the arrow out of Davros’ leg.
  • As they make their way through the fog to their wounded comrade, Orion, Bibble Bop, and Davros prepare to cumulatively remove the arrow.
  • As they prepare to pull the arrow through, the shaft snaps and before anyone can react, the arrow explodes, wounding those around Davros’.

The Cost Of Battle

  • As Davros lays unconscious Captain Obnobo helps to stop the bleeding and heal the wounded.
  • With their ship badly damaged, they realize they will not make it to Calimport, but instead make way towards the nearest port city: Waterdeep.
  • Among the pirates’ bodies, the crew finds a few exceptional pieces of treasure, including gems, leather armor, a masterfully crafted crossbow with bolts, a small charm, and a mysterious robe.
  • Davros awakens a few days later to find his leg has been replaced with a crude makeshift wodden stump.
  • Tori reveals to the group that when she put on the robe she could see many patches attached to it that were not visible unless the robe was being worn.
  • The crew prepares for the long journey and begins rationing food and water as they continue without a main mast, sail, or wheel.

Enter: Waterdeep

  • The Flying Salamandar takes port in Waterdeep, the crew tired and hungry from the long journey at sea.
  • Captain Obnobo comes to an agreement with the adventures, allowing them to keep the magical items while he keeps the gems for quick cash to repair his vessel.
  • The party is able to find a buyer for the Rubies that Orion picked up in Luskan.
  • The shop owner, Ellijah points the group in the direction of a local mage who may be able to help them identify some of their magical items.
  • After much debate the party decides to price and sell some of the magical items
  • The shop owner, Balanthas, pays them well for their perapit of proof against poison, but the party keeps the masterwork studded leather armors and the masterwork crossbow.
  • Balanthas explains to the party that the Robe is a robe of useful items.
  • The robe contains a variety of patches that can only be seen by the wearer, and when pulled these patches bring forth whatever object is pictured on them for a one time use.
  • Balanthas also explains some of the patches on the robe, siting it being a mildly rare item, but the patch depicting a pair of war dogs making it exceedingly rare and valuable.
  • As the debate to sell the items rages on, Tori dons the robe, and reaches inside.
  • Fearing she is about to use one of the patches the group attacks Tori and a fight breaks out.
  • Balanthas, furious at their blatant disrespect for his shop and his belongings, as well as the safety of the town, freezes the party.
  • Both Orion and Davros are lucky enough to escape the freezing, and Balanthas tells them to take their friends and leave.
  • Orion attempts to negotiate with Balanthas further, and he offers them a significantly lower amount that he originally did.
  • Orion bargains to take the war dog patch and sell the robe, Balanthas reluctantly agrees but undercuts the group less than half of the robe’s actual value, and less than a fraction of it’s value with all the patches intact.
  • Orion and Davros agree to the deal without discussing their decision with the rest of the frozen party.
  • Balanthas gives them a voucher for their gold and tells them to leave the shop and never return.
  • Orion and Davros drag out their friends and wait for the spell to wear off while deciding to name the giant war dogs after Krausus and Broxigar.
Session 2 2/21/14
Just Another Night In Luskan

The weary travellers arrive in Luskan, with friendships put to the test, the group warms up to it’s new companions…

Friends Depart

Broxigar finds a few members of his order travelling through Luskan, and decides to accompany them to a close place of worship to debrief the order on his activates and the status of the artifact.

• Feeling more guilt upon learning of his friend’s death, Bibble Bop decides to accompany Broxigar to help protect him as he could not his brother.

• With the pair departed for the next few days, the remaining companions begin trying to gather information on the coin. They hear whispers of mithral throughout the city and inn.

• After purchasing a cheap horse chain from a local blacksmith Tori and Orion meet Tito back at the bar of the Last Dragon Inn and speak with the owner Omar.

• A inebriated Omar suggests a seedy fellow named Blile for cheap information.

• They buy Blile’s services for a few rounds of ale and a gold piece. He returns shortly with a name and location

Enter: Gabrielle

• The three companions head to the docks to find the location in question, a ramshackle establishment called The Porky with unsavory characters in and around.

• Inside they find Gabrielle, whom Blile had mentioned. While negotiating price they notice the small space become suddenly crowded.

• A small band of men demand the coin from the three companions and a fight quickly ensues.

• Having already been paid, Gabrielle joins the troupe, to fight off the unknown assailants.

• Tito boy manages to take two alive, and they recover a letter from the band’s leader before hastily leaving through the back door.

Gabrielle takes the group to an unassuming door down a dark alley. Upon being let it they are greeted by Otique, who seems to be the leader of a group called the Clan of Measure in Luskan known for information gathering.

Otique explains that Gabrielle was sent to retrieve the group, as his intelligence network had led him to believe they possessed an authentic mitrhal coin.

• He promises the group shelter, a safe haven from those trying to kill them, and to help heal up Orion, who was badly wounded in the fight at The Porky. He wishes to examine the coin as all others have been fakes, and sudden closure of Mithral Hall has led to the economic crippling of Luskan.

• The next morning the companions are introduced to Maramak Fizzlewizzle, a gnome alchemist in Otique’s employ who believes he has a way of testing the coin’s authenticity.

• With Orion’s consent the short procedure proves the coin to be authentic, it visibly changing to its true form, displaying the foaming mug standard of clan Battlehammer. They believe that Bruenor, the king of Mithral Hall, and companion of the famed Drizzt Do’urden likely minted the coin.

Tori reveals the letter recovered from the band’s leader, and they decipher it to mean that the group that attacked them likely has one of the Companions of the Hall captive.

• They gather information from the surviving assailants and one confirms they have captured a Halfling and are keeping him in their hideout around the corner from The Cutlass. He tells the troupe to ask to see Ruthgar, the code name that will allow them safe entry.

Fall Of The Mighty

Gabrielle disguises the group and Otique gives Orion an ornate spiked chain that they recovered from a pirate vessel some time ago in exchange for the greatsword recovered from the mercenary band’s leader.

• Upon their arrival, the Gabrielle feints being a band of new recruits, but the disguises, particularly on Tito Boy, are not good enough and they are attacked by the occupants of the underground lair.

• A battle ensues in which a few of the dwarven assailants escape, and Tito Boy is left bleeding and unconscious, close to death.

Tori stabilizes Tito, and they hide him beneath the body of fallen dwarves and continue to another room, finding a gagged and bound halfling.

• After releasing the Halfling who introduces himself as Regis, the heroes depart, only to find all the bodies, including Tito’s missing. They quickly leave the premises and regroup at the Clan of Measure’s hideout.

Session 1 1/17/14
Reunited and it feels so good..... mostly

Notes from our first session of the new season of D&D!

3 Years have passed since the companions last journeyed together.

The Companions 3, Maybe 3 And A Half

  • A couple of the companions answered Krausus summons to meet at the town of Tilverton.
    Krausus, Orion and Tito boy meet their new employer Mr. Donovan.
  • Mr. Donovan’s servant aptly named “Mr. Carlyle” explains to the companions that they will be protecting a caravan destined to the city of Luskan.
  • All of the companions are traveling under the guise of a band of monks.
  • The journey is going well until the companions stop in the bustling port city of Waterdeep.
  • With some time to kill Tito Boy decides to blow off some steam and wanders the town. While Orion and Krassus decide to stay with the caravan.

Tito Boy Goes It Alone

  • Tito Boy over hears a conversation and gets approached by some shady gentlemen. The gentle men have no problem seeing through Tito Boy’s mismatched garb and know he is no ordinary monk.
  • The gentlemen are quick to sing the praises of the famous Tito Boy and they pique his interest in a “sparring bout”
  • Tito Boy is brought to an underground fighting ring. The crowd is a mix of all different races.
  • After Tito Boy is brought in, the Orcs and Half-Orcs start chanting “Nathril”
  • Tito Boys opponent is named Rastan. He turns out to be a Halfling brawler who has tattoos all over his body.
  • No one really knows who Rastan really is. Only his reputation is known, as he never leaves an opponent alive.
  • After a grueling battle Tito Boy is all but dead. Rastan’s tattoos start to glow a light blue color. The crowd’s eyes start to glow with the same blue color.
  • The crowd now worked into a frenzy start murdering any orc blooded bystander in the arena.
  • With a wounded Tito Boy on the ground, Rastan whispers in Tito Boy’s ear and tells him he is going to spare his life. With a raised glowing hand, Rastan slices Tito Boy’s top knot off at the scalp.

I Think This One Belongs To You

  • Krausus and Orion are approached by the same shady gentlemen that had approached Tito Boy earlier that day. Tito Boy is being dragged behind them laying unconscious on a make sift wooden bed. The companions notice that he is missing his top knot and one of his ears has been completely severed and cauterized.
  • The shady gentlemen offer Tito Boy’s life for gold. Orion tries to convince them that they are simple monks but the gentlemen don’t buy it. Orion ends up leaving his famous chain whip as collateral.

On The Road Again

  • With the loss of Tito Boy’s pride and Orion’s weapon they depart Waterdeep and continue their trek to Luskan.
  • Tito Boy is visibly shaken with his encounter and has no recollection of his opponent and how he actually lost. All he remembers is the glowing blue aura and the name Rastan.
  • After traveling for 3 days straight the Companions and their caravan are near Neverwinter Wood.

Plus 2 Rangers, Minus 1 Cleric and Divide by a Rogue

  • Bibble Bop and his fellow Ranger comrade Tori are quietly observing a caravan passing next to Neverwinter Wood.
  • After spotting his old Companions Bibble Bop along with Tori run out to meet them. On their way out of the woods The Rangers see what look like bandits ready to ambush caravan. Bibble Bop and Tori try to shout to warn of an ambush.
  • The Companions recognize their old Gnome friend and then soon realize what he warning them of.
  • A giant battle ensued with all the companions surviving. Tito Boy’s orcish rage and loss of pride drove him to almost kill his old gnome buddy. Bibble Bop clearly not the same happy go lucky gnome almost drove an arrow through the orc’s skull.
  • With battle over and the loss of much life, Krassus brings the companions together. Soon after, a frazzled Mr. Donovan keeps yelling for Mr. Carlyle.

Is No One Who They Say They Are Anymore

  • Another one of Mr. Donovan’s servants approaches the Companions and Mr. Donovan while holding something in his arms. The items are revealed to be a humanoid mask that looks like Mr. Carlyle and the clothes he was wearing. A note is also found among the items.
  • The Note is revealed to be from Cade their old adventuring friend. He has stolen a precious item from the caravan.
  • The entire reason Krausus had brought together his “trusted” friends was to ensure this item safely reached its destination.
  • Krausus reveals that he is not actually Krausus but his twin brother Broxigar. He united his late brother’s old friends in order to safely deliver the last known holy relic believed to be blessed by the God Torm himself to the now closed Mithral Hall.
  • In the background the last surviving bandit is being questioned by Mr. Donovan. The bandit is just laughing hysterically not fully in the right mindset. Bibble Bop with murder in his eyes sees no reason for the bandit to live and notches an arrow in his bow.
  • Before Bibble Bop could let the arrow fly. Tito Boy wants to help and decides to swing the information out of the crazy bandit, accidentally letting him go and throwing him into a tree. Thus instantly killing him.
  • Tito Boy and the Companions notice a faint blue glow where Tito’s ear used to be.
  • A mithral coin falls from the bandit and the companions discover it was minted only a year ago and has Dwarven symbols on it.
  • The old companions and (new one ) are now reunited decide to travel together. Making there way to Luskan as they try to contemplate why Cade would betray them and where to go from here.
Epilogue/Prologue ?
You Decide.

3 Years Ago…..

A group of adventures were tasked with finding the mayor’s two missing children. The group consisted of :

Orion, a Human Fighter who favored a chain whip as his weapon of choice.
Krausus the Half-Elf Cleric who has always strived to uphold laws of his god.
The Half-Orc Tito Boy who’s hand to hand prowess only matched his lack of patience.
The sly and devilishly witty Human Rogue Cade, who is often heard telling his faithful servant Vincent to “Write this down”.
Lastly the diminutive Gnome Ranger BibbleBop who’s skill with his homemade short bow could use some work to say the least.

The Adventurer’s journey brought them to a underground compound, that was only referred to as the “Sunless Citadel”

The companions fought their way through animated skeletons, goblins and even made the acquaintance of a kobold queen. Bypassing countless traps and even obtaining magical sap sticks (or so they thought) that they used to club a baby dragon into unconsciousness.

Through all their trials and TitoBoy’s numerous attempts to place the gnome in his satchel. The companions were only able to recover two rings that were believed to belong to the mayor’s missing children. With supplies almost exhausted and morale quickly diminishing, the companions decided to leave the “Sunless Citadel” and make their way back to town.

After returning to town and relaying the bad news to the mayor the mayor although stricken with grief, still compensated the Companions and thanked them for their help. Now that she knew the truth she could try to move on.

The companions lingered in town a while and then one by one each companion took a different path. Most of the companions went on gaining renown in Faerun, while others names have been all but forgotten. Orion and his men never fully knowing if they would see each other again.

Until today,

3 years later…

Krausus the Cleric is sitting in his study. Dripping blue wax over folded parchment, he steadily stamps the wax with a seal depicting a single silver gauntlet, the symbol of Torm. Hoping that all 3 of his letters reach his old companions in time.

Praying for guidance or a sign, he is unsure if he wants to write this last letter. His eyes are closed, and the medallion of Torm held tightly in his hand. He is about to say another prayer when he hears the sound of something falling to the ground. He smiles and offers thanks to Torm as he picks up the “magical” wooden sap stick and places it back on his mantle. Krausus sits back down and starts to write this last letter.

Honorable Cade,
I hope this letter reaches you in time…..

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5. Write your first Adventure Log post

The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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